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Camping Comfortable Tent Trail 43 2-in-1 Tent, 4P Footprint

Product Description:

Take the Tent to the campground with your family and friends. The best camping trips are built around the campfire right next to the perfect tent. This beautiful bell tent will keep you dry all year round and in any type of weather. Built-in e-ports let you run electricity right into the tent to support lights and electronics. Remove the floor and roll up the walls so you can enjoy a canopy. This durable, breathable, water-resistant tent is perfect for creating memories with your friends and family. You’ll talk about the memories you made with this tent for years to come.


  • Fits Trail 43 tent in 4P mode and sized slightly smaller than the tent floor to prevent water pooling.
  •  Helps extend tent floor life by reducing the normal wear and tear from wet and/or abrasive sharp ground.
  • Also, designed to be used independently in fly-footprint mode with stakes and poles. 
  • Color coded to 4P tent floor with quick connect buckles. Ripstop nylon. (Fly, poles not included). Product of USA.
  • Weight 12.7 oz / 358 g
  • Waterproof parashot Tent
    -Quick and easy set up
    -Strong, durable zippers
    -Easy access ports to run power into your tent
    -Reinforced corners and seams
    -Built-in vents for better airflow
    -Lifetime warranty

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